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Denim Traditional Mudcloth

Denim Traditional Mudcloth

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This traditional African mud cloth is hand woven and hand dyed. No two pieces of mud cloth are exactly alike.

African artisans hand-dye symbols into these fabrics in order to tell stories of their villages and African proverbs.

Great for home decoration, throw, crafts and other creative pursuits.

Mud Cloth fabric are made of strips individually woven then hand sewn together and may need to be reinforced for craft projects.

approx. dimensions: 58" x 41"

Handmade fabric by artisans in West Africa.

Please note that natural indigo dye has the tendency to bleed/rub off.

We recommend hand wash and dry flat before use.

The fabric is hand dyed using natural dye from plants. So there may be a smell of indigo which will fade after first washing.

Care : Hand wash or machine cold wash. Do not use bleach. Dry flat or hang to dry.

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