Before you start...

Fitting Inside the Recess

1. Measure the length from the top of the recess to the window sill in various positions to ensure an accurate measurement.

2. Measure the width from the inside of the recess (again in various positions). You will need to provide the narrowest width and we will allow for clearance.

Fitting Outside the Recess

1. Decide on your preffered postion. We recommend the blind extends approximatly 7-10cm above the recess and the hem finishes 5-15cm below the window sill.

2. Measure the length between the top of the blind and the desired hem position, giving you a finished length (ensure you measure in several positions).

3. Now decide how much the blind is going to overhang the recess. We recommend at least 5cm each side if possible. Add this to your reveal width.